‘The art of creating change using Hypnosis’

You can’t change the past, but you can shape your future!

I can help you to bring your mind and body back into balance,
to feel connected to all life has to offer &
achieve effective and positive changes in your life.

“I solve problems that people believe are unsolvable & fix people who believe they’re unfixable.”  *

*- Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, Hypnotherapy is not a ‘one-shot’ fix-all solution and requires a degree of motivation from the client, however if you want to change then anything is possible! However sessions such as Stopping Smoking or other Challenging Issues are based on the client accepting a Task(s) created by me without knowing what it is. To aid clients to Quit Smoking or overcome their challenge. These Task(s) are to be completed. Rest assured that the task(s) are Safe, Ethical, Don’t cost any more money & are Non-Fattening. Failure to do the Tasks renders the session void. You are paying for my time the results are free. I do not offer any refunds as it creates secondary gain in the clients subconscious mind & enables their problem. I will not be ethically responsible for human behaviour. All deposits & monies are non-refundable!